2021-2023 (Ciclo:XXXVI) Tommaso Nacci
“Investigating the potential of analytical pyrolysis coupled to mass spectrometry in the study of particles derived from textile fibers and tire wear in the environment.”
Supervisor: Prof. Ilaria Degano and Prof. Francesca Modugno

2019-2021 (Ciclo:XXXIV) Federica Nardella
“Advanced analytical pyrolysis techniques for studying complex mixtures of natural and synthetic polymers”
Supervisor: Prof. Erika Ribechini

2019-2021 (Ciclo: XXXIV) Silvia Pizzimenti
“Physical-chemical characterization of the curing process of oils used in modern paints”
Supervisor: Prof. Celia Duce

2016-2018 (Ciclo XXXI) Marco Mattonai
“Biomass pyrolysis: an analytical approach to understandthe role of catalysts and co-reactants”.
Supervisor: Prof. Erika Ribechini

2016-2018 (Ciclo XXXI) Francesca Sabatini
“Ageing and fading of organic pigments in art: amulti-analytical study based on mass spectroscopictechniques”.
Supervisors: Dr Ilaria Degano, Dr Anna Lluveras-Tenorio

2015-2017 (Ciclo XXX) Sibilla Orsini
"Study of proteinaceous binders in cultural heritage: reliable analytical procedures for the identification and localisation of proteins in paint samples”
Supervisor: Prof. Ilaria Bonaduce

2013-2015 (Ciclo XXVIII) Diego Tamburini
“From the burial environment to the laboratory: theanalytical challenge of archaeological wood”.
Supervisor: Prof. Maria Perla Colombini

2012-2014 (Ciclo XXVII) Francesca di Girolamo
"Il ruolo delle vernici nella conservazione preventivadi dipinti in ambienti museali".
Supervisors: Dr Ilaria Bonaduce and Prof. Maria PerlaColombini

2012-2014 (Ciclo XXVII) Elisa Ghelardi
"A multi-analytical approach for thecharacterization of contemporary paint materials".
Supervisors: Prof. Maria Perla Colombini and Prof. LuigiDei

2012-2014 (Ciclo XXVII) Jacopo La Nasa
“Development of innovative analytical tools based onchromatography and mass spectrometry for thecharacterization and ageing studies of modern materialsin artworks”
Supervisor: Dr Francesca Modugno

2011-2013 (Ciclo XXVI) Annalaura Restivo
“The role of tannin-based dyes in the degradation ofhistorical textiles: a multiple analytical approach”.
Supervisors: Dr Erika Ribechini and Dr Ilaria Degano

2011-2013 (Ciclo XXVI) Francesco Saliu
“APCI-MS characterization of glycerolipids andpolyphenols in complex matrices”.
Supervisor: Prof. Maria Perla Colombini

2009-2011 (Ciclo XXIV) Marco Rocchi
“Substances in ancient and cosmetic products:identification and study of aging by chromatographic andmass spectrometric techniques”.
Supervisor: Prof. M.P. Colombini
External supervisor: Dr Martine Regert

2008-2010 (Ciclo XXIII) Paola Selleri
“An advanced analytical study on linseed oil paintbinder”.
Supervisor: Prof. Rocco Mazzeo
External supervisors: Dr Ilaria Bonaduce, Dr Celia Duce

2007-2009 (Ciclo XXII) Jeannette Jacqueline Łucejko
“Wet archaeological wood: chemical study of degradationand evaluation of consolidation treatments”.
Supervisor: Dr Francesca Modugno
External supervisor: Dr José Carlos del Río Andrade

2006-2008 (Ciclo XXI) Andrea Aliboni
"Frazionamento di propoli per l’allontanamento di specieresponsabili di reazioni allergiche".
Supervisors: Dr Armando D’Andrea, Prof. Maria PerlaColombini
External supervisor: Dr Paolo Massanisso

2006-2008 (Ciclo XXI) Ilaria Degano
“A multiple-analytical approach for the characterizationof organic dyes in textiles”.
Supervisor: Prof. Maria Perla Colombini
External supervisors: Prof. Marek Trojanowicz

2006-2008 (Ciclo XXI) Thibaut Devièse
“Elucidating funeral rituals in burials from the end ofthe Roman Empire: Development of a multi-analyticalapproach”.
Supervisors: Prof. Maria Perla Colombini, Dr MartineRegert
External supervisors: Prof. Henry Duday, Prof. PieroBaraldi

2005-2008 Anna Lluveras-Tenorio
“Development of Gas Chromatographic/Mass Spectrometricprocedures and Synchroton Radiation based techniques forthe study of painting materials in works of art”.
Supervisor: Prof. Màrius Vendrell-Saz
External supervisors: Prof. Maria Perla Colombini and DrIlaria Bonaduce

2003-2005 (Ciclo XVIII) Ilaria Bonaduce
“A multy-analytical approach for the investigation ofmaterials and techniques in the art of gilding”.
Supervisor: Prof. Maria Perla Colombini
External supervisor: Prof. Jaap J. Boon

2003-2005 (Ciclo XVIII) Gwénaëlle Gautier
“A Reliable analytical procedure for thecharacterization and identification of proteinaceousbinding media in wall paintings”.
Supervisor: Prof. Maria Perla Colombini
External supervisor: Dr Michael Schilling

2003-2005 (Ciclo XVIII) Erika Ribechini
“Study of amorphous organic residues in archaeologicalfindings by mass spectrometric techniques”.
Supervisor: Prof. Maria Perla Colombini
External supervisor: Prof. Pasquale Agozzino

1997-2000 (Ciclo XIII) Francesca Modugno
“I materiali organici costitutivi delle opera d’arte ele loro trasformazioni chimiche indotte nel tempo”.
Supervisor: Prof. Roger Fuoco
External supervisor: Dr Mauro Matteini

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