Chemical analysis, characterization and ageing studies of synthetic materials used in contemporary art and in conservation.

 Development of analytical procedures for the characterization of modern organic materials (synthetic polymers, modern oils, alkyd resins, etc.) in artistic objects based on sample preparation for liquid and gas chromatography interfaced with mass spectrometry.

Development of analytical procedures and protocol for a reliable identification and localization of proteins in polychrome art and archaeological samples.

 Development of analytical procedures for the characterization of organic materials in archaeological and artistic objects based on sample preparation for GC/MS, DE-MS, Py-GC/MS, HPLC-DAD/MS and on quantitative analysis and data treatment.

 Study of the degradation and ageing processes of organic materials used in cultural heritage

Development and evaluation of conservation strategies in the field of cultural heritage

 Characterization of organic residues in archaeological findings and historical vessels in order to contribute to the study of diet, cosmetic, medicine and technology in past societies

Characterization of organic materials to reconstruct the paintings techniques of work of art and polychrome objects

Characterization of archaeological wood artifacts with particular attention to waterlogged findings

Characterization of organic dyes in works of art, particularly in tapestries and archaeological textiles

SCIence for Cultural Heritage
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