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Summer School – 11/15 July 2022  
Diagnosis in Heritage Science: 
4. Focus on wood and paper  

The Summer School includes a program of multi-disciplinary studies within one week. The School will be held at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Pisa, and is designed to train graduated students (Master’s degree), in particular PhD students, with interests in Heritage Science.

The Summer School aims at providing students from different educational backgrounds (graduates in the fields of technical-scientific and humanistic subjects) the specific skills to start and develop projects for proper diagnosis and conservative management of Cultural Heritage.

The School provides lessons to transmit knowledge for the characterization of materials, for the techniques suitable for their characterization, for the assessment of their state of alteration.

Special attention will be paid to the study of products and technologies to be used in conservation. Each year the School will be dedicated to a different topic within Heritage Science. In 2022, the school will be focused on the study and conservation of wood and paper heritage objects.

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