2022-2026: Progetto Moxy Green Atmospheric Plasma Generated Monoatomic OXYgen Technology for Restoration of the Works of Art- Coordinated by Ghent University with a Horizon Europe grant in the call Green Technologies and Materials for Cultural Heritage: HORIZON-CL2-2021-HERITAGE-01-01 (grant agreement ID: 101061336) to bring to fruition a radically new approach to the cleaning of tangible cultural heritage assets, based on atomic oxygen.

2022-2025: ARIAH ChCemical speciation of A Revolution In Art History, HORIZON TMA MSCA 2021-PF-01-01- Postdoctoral Fellowships - Global Fellowships- ThARIAH (A Revolution In Art History) aims to discover the atomic- and molecular-level chemical composition of mixed media paint layers (oil-protein mixtures) in original Renaissance artefacts and map the distribution of their constituents at the nanoscale, to understand the revolution of painting techniques that occurred in Renaissance Italy: the transition from tempera to oil painting.

2020-2022: Progetto StAr Development of Storage and assessment methods suited for organic Archaeological artefacts nell'ambito JPI Cultural Heritage, iniziativa di programmazione congiunta su Patrimonio Culturale e Cambiamenti Globali (http://jpi-ch.eu/).

2013-in progress: Progetto IPERIONCH - finanziato dal MIUR nell’ambito della call Horizon 2020 – Work Programme 2014-2015 for European research infrastructures (responsabile di un laboratorio dell’infrastruttura “fixlab” e del work package dedicato allo sviluppo di uno spettrometro di massa trasportabile per analisi in situ).

2018-2020: Progetto regionale MS-MOMus, Spettrometria di Massa SIFT portatile e identificazione di Materiali Organici in ambiente Museale" finanziato nell’ambito del POR FSE 2014-2020 Asse A – Occupazione (responsabile scientifico);

2018-2020: Progetto di Ricerca di Ateneo dell’Università di Pisa PRA 2018: “Advanced analytical pyrolysis to study polymers in renewable energy, environment, cultural heritage” (codice progetto PRA_ 2018_26).

2015-2018 - Cleaning of modern oil paint (CMOP) Web - Heritage Plus Joint Call Web
PRA 2016 - Analytical chemistry applications for deepening the knowledge of materials and techniques in modern and contemporary art (University of Pisa grant PRA_2016_13).
2017-2019 - Saving Oseberg Phase II - From Lab to Pilot, funded by the Norwegian State and the University of Oslo (WebSite).
2014-2016 - ArCo Project: Ageing Study of Treated Composite Archaeological Waterlogged Artifacts, fundes as: JPI - JHEP JOINT PILOT TRANSNATIONAL CALL for Joint Research Projects on Cultural Heritage.
Local coordinator (the Heritage Portal’s Facebook and Twitter accounts):
www.facebook.com/theheritageportal - twitter.com/Heritage_Portal
2013-2015 - Saving Oseberg Project funded by the Norwegian State and the University of Oslo (link: www.khm.uio.no/english/research/projects).
2013-2016 - Futurahma: Tecniche pittoriche, critica delle varianti e problemi conservativi. Dal Futurismo al ritorno al classico (1910-1922) – Futuro in Ricerca 2012.
2013-2015 - National project “PRIN 2010-2011”: Sustainability in cultural heritage: from diagnosis to the development of innovative systems for consolidation, cleaning and protection” granted by MIUR  (WebSite)
2011-2013 - Progetto PAR FAS Regione Toscana “COPAC: Conservazione Preventiva dell’Arte Contemporanea” granted by Regione Toscana P.A.R. FAS 2007-2013  Action 1.1.a.3
2011-2013 - 2011-2013 The Herculaneum Conservation Project "Telephus Roof Project". La Diagnostica dei materiali organici e la modalità di conservazione dei reperti in legno relative ai ritrovamenti della antica spiaggia di Ercolano.granted by Packard Humanities Institute and British School at Rome in collaboration with Soprintendenza speciale per i Beni Archeologici di Napoli e Pompei.  
2011-2013 - Progetto PAR FAS “VAT (La vita breve del tannino)”, granted by Regione Toscana P.A.R. FAS 2007-2013 Action 1.1.a.3
2010-2013 – European project Collaborative Project ENV.2010.3.2.1-1 Non-destructive diagnosis technologies for the safe conservation of movable cultural assets: “ MEMORI - Measurement, Effect Assessment and Mitigation of Pollutant Impact on Movable Cultural Assets – Innovative Research for Market Transfer”. Granted by EC 7th framework programme.
2010-2012 - Marie Curie Action, Intra Euroepean Fellowships (IEF) “Saccharide materials in paint systems: nature, occurrence and physicochemical evolution” granted by EC 7th framework programme.
2010-2011 - National project “PRIN 2008” - "Proteomic and immunochemical protocols to study proteins in oxalate patinas and painted objects". Granted by MIUR, Cofin2009.
2009-2011: COST Action IE0601 WoodCultHer :Wood Science for Conservation of Cultural Heritage.
2009 – 2011Progetto POR CREO “ALMA : Analisi Laser di Metalli Preziosi e Ambre”. Granted by Regione Toscana POR CREO FESR 2007-2013 Action 1.5.
2009-2010National project "Prin07 - Colors and balms in antiquity: from the chemical study to the knowledge of technologies in cosmetics, painting and medicine." Granted by MIUR, Cofin2008.
2006-2008 - Joint Italian-Greek Programme for the scientific and technological co-operation A deep inspection of the binding media of post-Byzantine icons: staining and chromotographic techniques for the identification of degradation products.
2007-2009 - Specific targeted research project PROPAINT Improved protection of paintings during exhibition, storage and transit. Granted by EC 6th framework programme.
2004-2008 - National project Synthesis and characterisation of new materials for the conservation of waterlogged wood, coordinated by Archaeological Superintendence of Tuscany, Florence.
2006-2007 - National project “The sustainable consolidation of waterlogged wood: new approaches of impregnation and polymerization with a low environmental impact”. Granted by MIUR, Cofin2005.
2004-2007 - EU Cost Action E41 Analytical tools with applications for wood and pulping chemistry, Workgroup 3 Characterisation of extractives.
2003-2006 - International Project Organic Materials in Wall Paintings, coordinated by Getty Conservation Institute (LA, USA).
2004-2005 - National project “A study on the chemical transformation of natural and synthetic polymers in the conservation of wooden objects”. Granted by MIUR, Cofin2003.
2002 - European Network “The Ancient Ships of Pisa: a European Laboratory for Research and Preservation”. Granted by EC, Culture 2000.
1999 - European Network for the Promotion and Development of Diagnostic Techniques and Technologies for the Study, Research and Conservation of Icons, granted by EC DG X/C/4.
1998-2002 - CNR (Italian Research Council) Targeted Program Cultural Heritage.
Theme: Innovative diagnostic methods for the conservation of mobile artefacts.
Sub-project: Diagnosis of conservation and intervention methodologies.

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